Pursuit of Beauty Through Cosmetic Surgery

Pursuit of One’s Beauty Through Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery, a procedure performed for the goal of restoration, alternation and reconstruction or correction of the body parts such as facial part or body part of a body mainly for aesthetic enhancement. Some of the common cosmetic surgery procedures in Singapore include rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and breast implantation.


Rhinoplasty is what commonly people would refer to as a nose job. In the medical field it could be termed as a cosmetic nose surgery. The human face can be termed as one of the most important body parts in exhibiting beauty and the only human part that exudes the identity of an individual. With a hidden face, one’s identity is concealed. Therefore the nose plays an integral role in contributing to aesthetics of the human face – it acts a plain canvas in which an individual can pierce for rings and studs despite playing an overall role in aesthetics (enhances facial harmony).

Though it is a cosmetic surgery procedure, it can be used for corrective measures on the nose ranging from impaired breathing caused from structural defects in the nose to correction of a deviated septum that causes difficulty in breathing. Rhinoplasty Singapore can be used to correct:
• Humps or depressions on nose bridge.
• Size and positions of the nostrils
• Size of the nose in relation to facial balance.
• Deformed nasal tips
• Nasal asymmetry among other issues.


If defined in relation to plastic surgery, blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure for correcting deformities, disfigurations and defects on the human eyelids. Cosmetic plastic surgery would deem the procedure for aesthetic value rather than corrective purposes. It is considered when people age over the years, the muscles supporting the eyelids tend to weaken, the eyelid stretch and as a result fat deposits settle above and below the eyelids. The phenomenon would cause sagging eyebrows and droopy upper eyelids limiting ones site (peripheral eye site). Other than the constrained eye site, the condition would make you look old. Singapore blepharoplasty can be used to correct the sagging fatty eyelids to improve your eye sight and make you look younger. The procedure is a simple one and that patients are mostly considered as outpatients.

Breast augmentation

At Breast Augmentation Singapore website, you can read more about breast enhancement procedures such as breast augmentation, reduction mammoplasty and breast lift. Breast augmentation is a form of mammoplasty which is characterized by breast augmentation, reduction mammoplasty and breast lift mastopexy. Breast augmentations is amplification of breasts by filling the breast tissue by inserting fat, silicon or saline breast implant (prosthetics) to increase breast size or restore breast volume after a pregnancy or weight loss. Reduction mammoplasty is reduction of breasts to achieve a better bod asymmetry while mastopexy is basically a breast lift.

Commonly referred to as a “breast aug” or a boob job, the procedure can also be conducted to achieve a more rounded breast shape or to achieve an improved natural breast size irregularity. People are more in touch with their beauty and this has and is causing more numbers to flock to cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. You may check Breast Augmentation Singapore Vimeo to learn more.

Reasons for cosmetic plastic surgery requisitions are no longer based on corrective reasons but aesthetic objectives to boost self-image and self-confidence. Despite these reasons, always make sure you consult the qualified and reputable Singapore plastic surgery doctor who would perform exquisite procedures with no side effects like scaring, nerve damage and infections. If you need help in finding a good plastic surgery in Singapore, check out Singapore Plastic Surgery Clinic.