Orthotics Insoles & Shoe Inserts For Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Choosing The Best Orthotics For Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes pain at the bottom of the foot near the heel. Plantar fascia absorbs the body weight in the foot. Great tension and stress can cause small tearing in the fascia causing pain to the foot. One experiences some pain after awakening, after standing for an extended period, or when rising.

A person suffering from this condition can try different things to help the foot get better. One can use the various plantar fasciitis orthotics.

The orthotics for plantar fasciitis aims at:

– Realigning the affected foot to a neutral position

– Reducing or eliminating the pain caused by plantar fasciitis

– Providing the foot with the needed arch support and comfort.


Orthotic Shoe Inserts and When to Use Them

Orthotic inserts refer to inserts that are made for non-orthopedic shoes. They provide first line treatment and prevention for various common foot problems resulting from poor support. They achieve this by providing the required support and stability to the foot through the arch.


Orthotic shoe inserts are ideal for those who spend long hours standing or those who walk very much. The inserts are also good for kids to enhance healthy growing feet and a future without pain. Most people having mild to moderate foot discomfort use these inserts.

These inserts are cheaper than custom orthotics thereby making them more popular. They are good for the fitness of your foot. They are available in some styles from heel-only to full-foot support. Shoe inserts should be replaced regularly after they wear out.


Custom Made Orthotics and When to Use Them

Custom made orthotics refers to devices that have been specially made to provide support and comfort to the foot. Orthotics are only made after a thorough assessment of the feet, ankles, and legs by a podiatrist. These orthotics are made to match your foot structure and pathology.

The two categories of this orthotics are:

  • Functional orthotics

These are made to contain abnormal motion. They treat the foot pain resulting from the abnormal movement and shin splints or tendonitis. They are made using semi-rigid materials like plastic or graphite.

  • Accommodative orthotics

They are softer than functional orthotics. They provide extra cushioning and support. They are used as therapy for diabetic foot ulcers, aching calluses among other uncomfortable forms.

Podiatrists designed orthotics are unique to each person and are not shared. They are expensive but effective in reducing the foot pain and enhancing the function of the foot.

Custom orthotic insoles refer to inserts that are designed according to a person’s feet. The making a custom insole involves taking a computerized scan of your foot while rotating your ankle. This is done while the foot is in a neutral position. They can be used when one is injured or recuperating from an injury.



Different orthotics are made for various sports. The materials used are also dependent on the type of sport or activity. They have become popular among the elite athletes in football and cycling and other sports. This is because they improve the comfort of the foot, performance, and efficiency in various activities.

This article has shared more information on the importance orthotics in treating plantar fasciitis. A good orthotics ensures proper support for the foot and is, therefore, paramount in treating and preventing foot pain.

Ensure you have chosen the best orthotics for the best results.